Tour Operators

The following are some local tours that we would like to recommend to you. There are many wonderful tours that you can take advantage of in Gros Morne National Park and we hope you get a chance to enjoy them all. 

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Taste of Gros Morne Food Tours

This tour brings you to a different restaurant for each course to explore the best local favours that Gros Morne has to offer. Definitely a fun way to spend a day.  Check out their website to see the different tours they have available. 

Wild Gros Morne 

If you are looking for a memorable experience then Wild Gros Morne is a great place to start. This operator provides truly memorable experiences while showcasing the unseen and ordinarily inaccessible areas of the park. Let them help you find your wild. 

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Gros Morne Adventures

Offering finely crafted small group kayaking, hiking and backpacking adventures in Gros Morne National Park since 1990. We highly recommend the kayaking tours where you might get a chance to paddle along with one of the many whales that visit Bonne Bay.